PhD Professor, The Bucharest University of Economic Studies



Interdisciplinary ICT & Energy

  • Solutii Big Data pentru managementul consumului de energie electrica in vederea imbunatatirii strategiilor de piata si a decontarii pentru operatorii retelelor de distributie (BIGDATA4GRID), PN-III-P2-2.1-PED-2019-1198, Proiect Experimental Demonstrativ, Competitia PED 2019, Valoare totala 600.000, coordonator ASE, partener SC ICPE SA, durata 24 luni, Contract nr. 462PED/28.10.2020 –
  • Multi-layer aggregator solutions to facilitate optimum demand response and grid flexibility, Funding agency: ERA-NET Co-fund under H2020, UEFISCDI, Total amount for ASE: 169.000 Euro, PNIII European and International Cooperation H2020, ERANET H2020, Partners: ASE (Romania), Stimasoft (Romania), KTH (Sweden), DTU (Denmark), EPRA (Turkey)-coordinator, AKEDAS (Turkey), USN (Norway), Contract 71/2018, Acronym: SMART-MLA, Project web page:; ERA-NET web page:
  • Intelligent system for trading on wholesale electricity market (SMARTRADE), COMPETITIVENESS OPERATIONAL PROGRAMME 2014-2020, funded by European Funds ERDF, 2016-2020, project responsible – ;
  • Informatics solution for optimization of technical procedures of photovoltaic power plants (OPTIMPV), project code PN-III-P2-2.1-PTE-2016-0032, Increasing the Competitiveness of the Romanian Economy through Research, Development and Innovation, Subprogram 2.1. Competitiveness through Research, Development and Innovation, Transfer to Economic Operator Competition (PTE), funded by National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation – UEFISCDI, Romania, 2016-2018 – project director for BUES;
  • IT Solutions for Analysis and Consumption Optimization in Smart Grids (SMART-OPTIM), project code PN-III-P2-2.1-BG-2016-0286, Program Increasing the Competitiveness of the Romanian Economy through Research, Development and Innovation, Subprogram 2.1. Competitiveness through Research, Development and Innovation, Bridge Grant Competition, funded by National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation – UEFISCDI, Romania, 2016-2018 – 
  • Intelligent system for predicting, analysing and monitoring performance indicators and business processes in the field of renewable energies (SIPAMER), PNII – PCCA 2013, code 0996, no. 49/2014 funded by National Authority for Scientific Research and Innovation – UEFISCDI, Romania, 2014-2017 – project director;


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